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Portfolio: interior design in Montreal

In order to carry out your project of kitchen creation or renovation, Groupe Cartier has surrounded itself with the best experts in interior design of Montreal. The interior design is the combination of comfort with the contribution of the best features. It is the marriage between volumes, furniture, kitchen cabinets, coatings as well as appliances. It is the close association between customer requirements and the inspiration of interior design that will put on the table all the latest trends and latest technologies of the construction industry.

Interior design is involved in several areas. It is responsible for the design of spaces (homes, kitchens, bathrooms), product design (furniture and kitchen cabinets, counters, textiles, finishes and lights).

The expert in interior design is empowered to produce construction plans, whether it is for home, commercial or corporative  interior. Its role, beyond the simple design in interior design, consists of following the different stages of manufacturing the elements of your kitchen, coordinating the various craftsmen involved in the project (cabinet maker, electrician, plumber, etc.)  and finally to ensure the right execution of the works. The interior designer ensures that the works are properly carried out.

Groupe Cartier is a team of professionals with over 10 years experience in interior design in Montreal. Discover below our portfolio of interior design projects as well as our achievements in kitchen creation or renovation.