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How does your interior design work?

Groupe Cartier has been specializing in interior design for more than 10 years in Montreal. Interior design requires a long experience and a high level of knowledge in order to make a creation or renovation project secure and successful.

The various steps of an interior design project represent the whole scope of the interior designer, whether it is a project of creation of kitchen, renovation of kitchen, simple readjustments or interior decoration. Each interior design specialist working for Groupe Cartier in Montreal is able to take in charge residential, corporate or commercial projects.

Groupe Cartier, it is ultimately the association of all the professions related to the field of construction, renovation and interior design: general contractor, craftmen, interior designer, etc. By entrusting your project to an interior design expert , you will be able to create a strong identity, a harmonious and homogeneous of the premises, while remaining in line with your initial requirements.

If you would like to know more about the interior design process and if you would like to know the different stages from the development of the plans to the follow-up and the completion of the works, contact Groupe Cartier directly at (514) 629-6029 or complete our online form. We will be happy to meet you, make the first measurements of your room and learn more about your objectives.