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Our company operates in Montreal in the field of residential and commercial interior design. Our interior designer team will meet you either at your home or in our Montreal showroom to understand the type of project you are planning to achieve.

Espace Cartier is a subsidiary of Groupe Cartier, offering services in all areas of kitchen creation and renovation. Groupe Cartier offers both interior designer and general contractor services. This work in synergy enables Groupe Cartier to take charge of your renovation or construction project from the drawings until the completion of the construction.

The kitchens designed by our interior designer are functional, elegant and can be adapted to the style you want. Each member of our interior designer team will be able to offer you a contemporary, classic, modern or rustic approach. This is our service of kitchen interior designer and interior decorator.

In addition, we can take care of the design and manufacturing of custom-made kitchen cabinets, both functional and aesthetic. Our interior designer team offers the possibility to design your furniture according to your desires and constraints of structure.

If you would like more information about the range of services offered by our interior designer team, contact us now!

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