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Why Us?

Our Mission > To be the principal reference with regards to creation, construction and installation of unique and sophisticated home kitchens in Canada.

Our Values > Well anchored principles, which guide all our actions and establish our guarantee of the best service there is.


Everywhere and at all times, this principle is the foundation of Groupe Cartier’s corporate identity. What we promise, we deliver; plain and simple. No detour, no ambiguity; we believe in total transparence. Our integrity is a great source of pride, and ensures continuity for the business and its relations. Invest your trust in us, and we will cherish this privilege with the honor it deserves.


Each individual with whom Groupe Cartier interacts, whether it be a customer, a business partner or an employee, shares one common goal: to make a dream come true. Based on the fact that nobody is an expert in everything, but that everybody excels in something, we rigorously select our employees and partners, in order to create synergy that transcends us all, which makes our customer experience unique. A well-targeted and admirably orchestrated team, that’s our best kept secret.


The beaten track, the déjà-vu, and sticking to conformism; that’s all too easy. Nobody stares wide-eyed at an image they’ve seen hundreds of times before, and no one goes into raptures for something less than extraordinary. Groupe Cartier persistently revisits conventions and breaks new ground in the industry, as in your own immediate environment. You are unique and constantly evolving; we are too. Don’t you think your home should follow the same logic?


We believe it is impossible to generate amazement without a touch of passion. This affective state, vivid and persistent, which relentlessly prompts us to push the limits of our art; this is what adds so much soul to our projects. We deeply love what we do; much deeper than physical and financial considerations, and it is with great humility that we give the best of us for your total satisfaction.


Groupe Cartier’s excellence commitment certifies that your project will be imagined, built and fitted by renowned professionals, with chirurgical precision. More than a simple idea, it is for every member of our team a course of action that offers no alternative. This commitment lifts us up to a superior level; the one that everyone hopes for, but that very few can actually offer. This is why we categorically refuse to satisfy with anything that is not exceptional: because we know you don’t either.


We are convinced that the level of satisfaction of a customer, as well as the quality of work of an employee, are intimately linked to the degree of fun they have in the process of making a project reality. Groupe Cartier collects smiles daily, and attaches great importance to the well-being of everyone. The company regularly invests in its installations and supplies to maintain a likeable environment; it generously thanks its team and clientele; and it makes sure to build very unique spaces which will keep pleasure at its maximum for those who will use them.

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Qualified Professionnals



«François and his group of people (designers, workers) are simply outstanding. The redesign of our kitchen made a much better usage of space, superbly done. I recommend them with no reservations whatsoever. They will go out of their way to please you.»


«From the moment we initiated contact with Groupe Cartier to the very end of our project, we were impressed with how professional, knowledgeable, creative and helpful the staff were. Francois, Sandra and the whole team guided us seamlessly through our kitchen renovation, keeping us on budget and on time, and the result was stunning! We highly recommend Groupe Cartier for your next kitchen or bathroom renovation and we are looking forward to working with them again!»


«François Guida et son équipe ont fait un travail formidable de design et d’installation de ma cuisine dans un bâtiment de près de 150 ans. Des artistes, chacun dans son domaine! Ils ont su composer avec des délais de réalisation en cette période où les approvisionnements ne sont pas toujours faciles et s’adapter. Ils sont à l’écoute, s’adaptent et répondent rapidement. Une superbe approche-client!»


«Une belle équipe de professionnels. Des gens qui connaissent leurs produits et qui ont su nous guider dans les différents choix à faire, autant au niveau des matériaux que de la décoration. Nous avons été très satisfaits de la qualité du travail effectué lors de la conception de notre cuisine. Nous sommes fiers du résultat et réitérons notre confiance en eux pour un autre projet.»