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Groupe Cartier, whose activity focuses on interior design as part of a kitchen construction project, has been offering turnkey services for more than 10 years in Montreal.

Whether it concerns kitchen new construction or the renovation of existing ones, our team of interior design specialist has all the capacities to realize your dream! In addition to the design, imagination and theoretical implementation of your interior design, Groupe Cartier manages all the manufacturing steps of the various elements that compose your kitchen, as well as the various stages of site management.

Depending on the size of your interior design project, Groupe Cartier can perfectly take charge of your renovation project, or can only interven in key and limited stages. From the first meeting with one of our interior design experts, we will determine the style to which we must orientate: classic, industrial, contemporary, modern, high-end, European, etc. We will put at your disposal all our know-how and experience in interior design in Montreal in order to arrange the colors, define the textures and finishes, define the materials and above all, optimize your space in order to maximize its storage capacity.

Contact our interior design team and keep your eyes closed in your interior design project with serenity!

We will send you an estimate and a timetable very quickly. Our first objective is to provide you with a clear vision of the services we wish to offer you. Head right now to our online contact form!

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