The role of the interior designer in the creation of your kitchen

Using an interior designer as part of your kitchen renovation project not only ensures the feasibility of the work you undertake, but also guarantees total visibility on your future layout and elevations, cuts and openings, giving you a clear and total understanding vision of your project throughout the process. The interior designer will support you in the selection of colors, materials, coverings and fittings to be carried out while asserting an identity that resembles you and that remains harmonious.

The interior designer will ensure the ergonomics of your kitchen renovation. The height of the worktops, the storage capacity and coherence, the positioning of the kitchen cabinet doors, the height of the high cabinets are only a few examples that will be taken into account by the interior designer during the design of your interior design project.

Always attentive to ergonomic and technological trends in design and interior fittings, the interior designer allies the choice of the best and the needs of its customers. Groupe Cartier is a Montreal based company. Our interior designer team travels to the greater Montreal area and its surroundings.

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