Estimate your kitchen creation or renovation with an interior designer !

Before estimating your project with an interior designer for your interior design, it is essential to fully understand its role. The interior designer is assimilated to an interior architect, as he has the right of demolition, construction, partitions and creation of openings.

The mission of the interior designer is to design aesthetic, innovative and functional spaces. He must make pleasant, attractive and practical living spaces for its residents. An interior designer therefore has the vocation to improve the daily life of his customers.

The interior designer has a deep knowledge of constantly updated materials in the construction market. His objective is to advice you for the best choice according to your wishes, your budget and your requirements. Based on his customers' inspiration, the interior designer carefully chooses and predicts all the elements of the decoration that will perfectly coincide with the customer's expectations: materials, colors, textures, styles, coatings, lights. Finally, he will keep the objective of maximizing the practical aspects of your room during every steps of the construction or renovation process.

In the first place, the interior designer draws up the technical plans for the execution of the works. He will turn to all its partners involved in your project and will design plans for constructions, lighting plans, electrical, plumbing, elevation, etc. Whether it is a new kitchen or the complete renovation of an existing one, he will design a unique project that resembles you!

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